Payment must be made via PayPal. You will be taken to the Paypal payment page at the end of the online entry process. Please note we no longer accept cheques or money orders.

The entry fee of £12 for one section, or £16 for both sections, will include one copy of the catalogue.

Group entries comprising 10 or more persons receive a discount of 10% on entry fees when entered as a group in one batch (see below). PayPal will automatically offer you the option of paying in your local currency. If several persons wish to share one package, the collective entry must be overseen by ONE person, who collates all the other entries in that package. Groups smaller than 10 may still enter via one package, without discount, and must still have a single co-ordinater. This person's email address is the one to which reports will be sent. Individuals entering via a multiple package should contact their coordinator for their results and catalogues.


If prints are to be returned (UK and IRELAND ONLY), return postage, in addition to the entry fees shown in section 2, MUST be paid as follows: £10.00 per package plus 50p per print.

Entries received without the appropriate fee, or paid with cash, cheques or money orders, or exceeding the maximum size, will be neither judged nor returned and no catalogue will be sent.